Sunday, 29 March 2015

Every Mom Needs a Hobby...or 3: Digital Art

Our fourth hobby post centers around a fantastic creative outlet. It's not something you can do while watching TV, such as crocheting, it's less hands-on than creating jewelry and it doesn't get you out doors like photography, but it certainly has it's own appeal and a special place in my heart: Digital Art.

I've had a relationship with Photoshop every since my dad brought it home on his new computer back in the late '90s. It started out with basic color adjusting and morphed into minor and major touch ups, photo manipulation and an attempt or two at an actual painting. Here are a few samples I've created over the years:

Photo Touch-ups:

Background removal




Photo Manipulations:

Angel Wings


Gulliver's Troubles

Little Watcher

Don't Wake the Fairies

Digital Painting (that I have yet to complete):

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