Saturday, 7 March 2015

18 FUNtastic Ideas using LEGO to Teach Math

Using Lego to teach math? ABSOLUTELY!

When I was in school I loved math, but when I decided to home school my kids, math was one of the subjects I worried about most.

Not only did I desire to make learning math fun, I also wanted to ensure that my kids understood the LOGIC behind it.

It's easy enough in the early years to have children memorize facts, but facts can only get you so far. I believe if a child understands the concept of math at a fundamental level, then they will have an easier time grasping more abstract concepts later on.

After much trial, error, and learning from past mistakes, I've come to thoroughly enjoy teaching math to my kids. I love finding the way to explain a concept to them in the way I know THEY will best understand it.

I firmly believe if a child is not grasping a concept it is not because the child is dumb or unable to understand, it is because it’s not being presented to them in the right way. Every child has their own mode of learning and I believe it is my responsibility as a teacher to ensure that I am presenting things in a way that makes sense in their heads.

I enjoy making math a visual, tangible concept and here are 18 ways I've used Lego to accomplish just that.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

5 Ways to Ring in the Spring Around your Home

Winter is fading, but spring has not yet arrived. If you're like me, you are getting itchy feet and can't wait for the promise of warmer weather. Here's a few ways you can springify (I know, it's not a word...) your home even if spring hasn't yet fully sprung.

spring tips