Friday, 27 February 2015

12 Humorous Truths about Motherhood

Here's my list of 12 truths about motherhood to add a little humor to your weekend. 

12 truths about motherhood

  • 1. You will never sleep the same again.
  • 2.  Dealing with disgusting bodily fluids is unavoidable. 
  • 3. There will always be more laundry.
  • 4. Eating a relaxed meal will be regarded as a special treat. 
  • 5. You will have a stash of  scribbles art work that you have no idea what to do with, yet can't bring yourself to throw away.  
  • 6. There will be a plethora of items in your purse for "just in case".
  • 7. You will memorize more silly children's songs than you ever thought possible. 
  • 8. You will find yourself singing the silly children's songs more than you'd care to admit.  
  • 9. Getting out the door will no longer be as simple as slipping on a pair of shoes and a jacket. Plan an extra 15 minutes per child.
  • 10.The dishes will never be quite done. 
  • 11. Invariably, at some point in time, you will sound just like your mother.
  • 12. You will not love every minute of it. But when it's all over and they're grown and gone, you'll only remember the best parts.  

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