Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Play Dough Snail Tutorial

Here's a fun and simple activity or craft to try with your kids. Make a snail out of play dough.

how to make a play dough snail

Step 1: Roll 3 "snakes" of dough. 

crafts for kids

Step 2: Stack your "snakes" as shown below.

crafts for children

Step 3: Gently pinch one end to make a tail and bring
the other end up to make the head. 

things to do with your toddler

Step 4: Add some eyes.

fun preschool activity

Step 5: Decorate a shell with pretty colors and patterns.

kids shell craft

Step 6: Place the shell on your snail. 

how to make a snail

Step 7: Use some pins to make antennae. 

preschool activity

Here's Kiddo2's Happy Snail family:

snail family

Thanks for viewing!

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