Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Positive Parenting

I read a quote from a Facebook page that I follow called Positive Parenting Connection. It went like this:

Crying is the most effective (and usually the only) way for a child to communicate sadness. So telling a child it’s not OK to cry is like saying it’s not OK to be sad. Children should know that all of their feelings are OK and normal. We may not always agree with their tears or understand them, but a child feels the way he feels and should be allowed to express it. - Kelly Bartlett.

I find it's a great reminder to help our kids work their way through the tears by showing understanding towards their feelings instead of shaming them into not crying.

This does not mean you have to give in; it means you sympathize and understand their frustration or disappointment and help them learn how to deal with it.

Positive parenting is not about letting children have their way. It is about teaching them how to handle issues in a mature and capable way. It's about growing strong, self-aware and well-adjusted young adults.


  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. I'm so pleased you like my blog. :)