Tuesday, 10 February 2015

10 Fun and Fantastic Valentine's Crafts

Here 10 fun and fantastic ideas for crafts and projects to do leading up to Valentine's Day.

#1. This simple, cute yet elegant threaded heart card:

valentines heart card

#2. Decorate a cloth bag, t-shirt, or even a small canvas with this simple technique:

DIY valentine's heart bag

#3. Make some Valentine's themed jam-filled cookies:

valentine's heart cookies

#4. Totally awesome borax crystal hearts:

valentines heart crystals

#5. Decorated Clay Hearts:

valentines clay hearts

#6. Super cool heart wreath with old puzzle pieces:

valentines puzzle heart wreath

#7. Stunning rainbow roses:

valentines rainbow roses

#8. Heart shaped napkin folding:

valentines heart napkin folding

#9. Button on canvas craft:

valentines heart buttons on canvas craft

#10. Delicate and beautiful heart basket/jewelry box:

valentines heart basket jewelry box craft

I love all these ideas as they are great crafts to do with the kids yet can also be used as lovely gifts for friends and loved ones. 

I wish you all a love-filled Valentine's Day! 

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