Sunday, 8 February 2015

Our French Adventure

After 3+ years of living in the UK, and with a baby on the way, we've decided it was time to set our dreams into motion and move back to the south of France. After all, who can resist the sun, the sea and views like this:
vineyard south of france

Our end goal is to buy some land and build a house. Hubby has always been interested in eco-living and our goal is to be as self-sustaining as possible. -That without being too isolated. :)

The south of France has some wonderful natural resources. There is nearly always a good wind blowing which is useful for generating turbine electricity. The sun is nearly always shining which makes solar power also a viable possibility. 

river south of france

Many of the plots of land we've seen have underground water sources, which help to cut water costs way down. For example: My father-in-law is able to fill up their swimming pool entirely from their underground well.

When going for walks in nature we were surprised at the variety of herbs and other foods (thyme, rosemary, wild garlic and onions, sage, wild asparagus, etc.) that could easily be found growing wild. We loved taking the kids and hunting for these treasures to incorporate into our daily cooking. 

vineyard south of france

Hubby has also been experimenting with hydroponics and we plan to eventually set up an aquaponics system on our land, growing both vegetable/fruit produce and fish for our own consumption, and possibly selling any overflow in the local markets.

We are super excited about our plans for the future and I hope you will join me as I chronicle this exciting adventure here in my blog.  

tower south of france

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