Thursday, 12 February 2015

No More Chapped Lips: The Best Lip Balm

full red lipsI seem to always have had dry lips. Cracked and peeling lips seem to be a part of life I just had to deal with.

I've tried so many remedies, natural and otherwise.

I know it's supposed to be a sign of dehydration, but seriously if I drink any more water I'll end up spending all day in the ladies' room.

To make matters worse, I love to wear a nice bold lip color. But as anyone with eyes can tell you, strong lip colors NEED smooth lips. There is nothing worse than a bright color on chapped and peeling lips.

Naturally,  I was eager to find a solution.

My main expectation when looking to solve a beauty issue is to not only fix the problem, but to fix in a way which doesn't require constant upkeep.

Sure, I could slather on some vaseline, go healthy using coconut oil, or even dutifully apply Elisabeth Arden's eight hour cream and my lips would be less dry. But miss a night or forget it at home when I go out, and suddenly the full, plump lips that I love and strive for were yesterday's memory.

beessential best natural lip balm
This was my dilemma. Until I came across a list of the best lip balms out there. Reading through it, I decided to try Beessential's Lemon and Lavendar lip balm.

I was pleased with the list of ingredients: bees wax, coconut oil, shea butter, cupacu butter, olive oil, lavendar and lemon oil, vitamin E, propolis extract, honey, natural honey flavor, monk fruit extract. -All things I can easily look up and research; all natural.

I found the balm on and was encouraged by the reviews to give it a try. Though it only shipped from the States, it didn't take more than a week to arrive.

Initially I made sure to put it on 2-3 times a day and I found almost after the first night that my lips were much less chapped. But the real test was how it would fare after not applying for a day or two.

I'm pleased to say that my lips remained un-chapped.

I now only apply when I'm going out (winter weather isn't kind to lips) and whenever I feel they are starting to dry out a little. I no longer have to apply it religiously and I like knowing that even if I forget once in awhile, I can still enjoy my plumper lips.

lips kissing


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