Saturday, 21 February 2015

Creativity: Piercing the Mundane to Find the Marvelous

Kiddo2 handed me this picture she'd drawn. Being in the middle of something I thanked her quickly and started to turn away. Something stopped me, and I decided to take an extra minute to ask her what everything was. This is what I learned: While to me the art may look simple, to her it was a whole world of intrigue. 


It's like that quote, "The creative adult is the child who survived". Creativity can't be taught, but it can certainly be unlearned. Take the time to explore the creativity in your child. Don't squelch it. Give them the freedom to express themselves even if it means coloring outside the lines or painting green cows. Demonstrate your interest by encouraging them to use their imagination and empower them to rise above the limits. 

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