Monday, 16 February 2015

In the Shrouded Silver Wood: A Poem

fantasy fairy

Faerie dance and elvin play
To enchant, to bid me stay
Voices echoed o'er the grove
Pledge an evermore abode

Faun delight the sacred ears
Of the wandering mystic seers
Whispering the panpipe tune
O'er the ancient vine-filled runes

Burrowed in the elder oak
Live the bashful midget-folk
Dancing thru' the cherished night
Weaving strands of pearly lights

Cobalt waters harbor sprite
Where the water-nymph reside
Sirens calling to the sails
Gliding by to flash their tails

Mist and glow assert their reign
Rising o'er the sweeping plane
Faint is heard dryad song 
Echoing the whole night long

Many search yet few will find
Realms of empyreal kind
Lucky is the one to whom
Secret worlds unlock their womb

The faerie dance; elven play
Has enchanted me to stay
I closed my eyes and there I stood
In my shrouded sliver wood.

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