Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mommy vs Teacher: Things I've Learned as a Homeschooling Mom

As a home-ed mom, I sometimes find it difficult to switch between teacher mode and mommy mode.

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The basis of home-ed is seizing every opportunity to create a teaching moment. This ensures that learning is always fun, spontaneous, and follows your child's interest.

Sometimes, though, kids just need mommy.

I was reminded of this recently when Kiddo1 presented me with a card she'd made. I was very touched, yet for a split second the teacher in me raised her grammatically-correct head and I nearly ruined her precious gift by pointing out the mistakes.

Luckily, the mommy mode kicked in and screamed at me to stop before I ruined what was a special moment between my daughter and me.

I'm so glad I let it pass. Kiddo1 was able to feel good about the surprise she'd made and I can rest assured that another day will come to teach the correct usage of to/too/two.

The lesson I learned was far greater than any lesson in grammar.

I would love to hear back from any other home-ed/homeschooling moms out there. Do you struggle to switch modes? Have you found any tips that work well for you? I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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